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FOUR DAYS - Pleasure & Feminine Flow Activation with Kirsten ~ Join the Sacred Feminine Space for all the MAGIC and ACTIVATIONS! Click here to join! 

Plus receive Bonus Self-Love Meditation & More!


~ Beginning Sunday 1 August - Wednesday 4 August

DAY ONE ~ Embody Your Feminine Flow

Come into you Feminine Alignment

Flow through life & feel more at peace

Experence more of your Feminine Goddess Power

DAY TWO ~ Align with your Heart & Higher Self

Come into the truth of who you are

Conect with your Heart

Hear you Hearts calling & Desires

Align with what turns you on and feels good

DAY THREE ~ Activate Your Pleasure Power

Feel more of your Sensual Body
Feel more sexy & Flowing
Experience Pleasure in every area of your life
Why is Your Pleasure the key to higher expansion
Deeper self-love & Power

DAY FOUR ~ The Power in Your Orgasm

The truth of your Orgasm's

Why is this the key to your Higher Self

Manifest your life with your Sexual Energy

More potential through your Orgasm


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