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I am an intuitive New Earth Leader for the souls who are ready to RISE and awaken higher potential. Supporting woman through sacred self love, sexual embodiment and expansion so you can own your worth and activate more of your LOVE & Power 


"You are Divine LOVE, Love is always
the answer, come back to love"



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The sacred feminine circle was so gentle and embracing. It was the first I had ever been to so wasn’t too sure what to expect but was met with such unconditional love. I had never connected to the sacred feminine within before and I felt Kirsten held such a safe space for me to explore this part of myself and let my emotions surface. Although gentle it was a very potent experience connecting hearts and wombs. Thank you so much Kirsten always grateful for the spaces that you hold

Kelly - Tuaranga

The sacred feminine circle was such a powerful experience for me. I came into the circle with an open mind and open heart, but also feeling a bit stuck. The circle really allowed me to feel what I needed to feel and shift through something that was holding me back. Since that evening I feel like a stronger, more confident and more feminine version of me. It was truly a magical and healing experience and I am so grateful for what it has brought me

Kelsi - Tauranga

I am over the moon, I have feeling again! It has taken a long time, after many surgeries, and being totally numb in that area, to now having that great tingling sensation again and feeling more sexual within myself and more turned on again. I am benefiting more each day with the shifts this goddess work is creating, not only for myself, but for my husband too!

Tonia - Wellington

Kelly - Tauranga

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